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Wessex Lifts have resumed operations post COVID-19 closure and look forward to offering our product range once again to the market.

Platform Lifts, for in and Around the Home

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Porch Lifts and Other Platform Elevators

Our range of platform lifts are incredibly diverse, durable and all can be positioned indoors and outdoors.

Designed with the utmost care and attention, when you buy a Wessex product, you are buying the quality, safety and service that go with it.

SP Step/Porch Lift

The Wessex SP is our smallest but mightiest lift. It is able to lift 496 lbs, but has a footprint of only 52" x 39"! Perfectly suited to residential settings, indoors or outdoors.

LR Platform Lift

Our LR provides a robust and versatile elevator solution. It can travel up to 39" in height making it a lift well suited to overcoming short flights of stairs indoors and outdoors, especially where a ramp isn't an option.

Liberty Open Lift

The Liberty Open is capable of travelling up to 3 times as high as our LR, and maintains loads of great features of the LR. It builds upon this by offering options including side access, and many more. Liberty by Name, Liberty by Nature!

Liberty 3 Enclosed Lift

Liberty by Name, Liberty by Nature, our enclosed platform lift can travel nearly 20 feet! With a huge range of options available, such as multiple stops as well as a customizable interior and exterior, the Liberty 3 is a proud member of the Wessex product range.

How to buy a Wessex Lift?

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Your Wessex dealer will likely conduct a site survey, to provide you with a quotation for the lift.


After a date has been agreed upon, installation can take as little as a day, once minor building work has been completed.